Trying To Defend Herself Axne Digs A Deeper Hole

Not even a week ago Cindy Axne was caught on a Zoom call with fellow Iowa Democrats stating how bad she can’t stand normal everyday Iowans. More specifically the ones that haven’t taken the vaccine yet.’

In the video she calls them anti-vax crazies and cross holding Christian right, claiming many Iowans have turned religion into a political weapon against the lefts vaccine and mask mandates.

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Cindy Axne was blasted by Iowa Republicans – her comments were “a slap in the face to every person of faith in Iowa.” Axne’s Republican opponent Nicole Hasso called her “a rabid Christianophobe.”

But if this wasn’t enough, Axne just couldn’t let it go. She tried defending her comments with the typical “taken out of context” routine. Also stating that she grew grew up as a Catholic saying that you support people in your community, you serve others, and you put others above yourself.”

She even takes it a step further and says – “I’m not sure when we’re going to get past having the public understand that what they see on Fox television is being misinterpreted,” she said.

You could say the same about CNN blasting false narratives for over four years of the last Administration but she wont.

When politicians both left and right get caught red handed in these types of scenarios that always fall back on previous statements, taken out of context or continue to blame the people that have serious questions about the current issue at hand.

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