Antifa – California High School Teacher Now Fired

Thanks to an undercover video by Project Veritas, Gabriel Gipe a High School teacher and Antifa member has been fired. As you can see in this CBS Sacramento report, some parents were concerned about what they saw.

When Veritas report aired, the school district wasn’t saying much about what would happen to Gipe but did point out that hot-button issues are supposed to be taught in a neutral manner in classrooms. Gipe seemed to see the writing on the wall. “They are coming for my job…it is very likely the district will cave,” he said.

A short time ago, Gipe was proven correct about that. He has been suspended with pay for now but a letter from the school district says they believe they are legally obligated to fire him and will be doing so.

Gipe was apparently stamping students’ work with these to mark it complete. I’m honestly not that surprised that a communist would try to normalize Fidel Castro but Stalin is a stretch and Kim Jong Un? Are there really people so deluded they think he’s a hero? I sort of want to know if he had a stamp for Pol Pot and if so can we take up a collection to get it tattooed on his forehead?

The end of the letter is basically a list of excuses for why the school didn’t notice what this teacher was up to sooner. They claim his classroom didn’t look like it did in the video (the Antifa flag, etc.) until sometime this summer. There’s no excuse for letting a teacher turn his high school class into Communism 101.

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